Clan Macpherson Electronic Museum - West Hall

To view the contents of a specific panel, 'click' on the number of that panel on the image to the left or in the table below. This will display a photo of the panel with each panel item designated by a letter that corresponds to the short description of the item listed to the left. Clicking on the title will display an enlargemet of the item and a fuller description.

The links "drill down" to an item to try and emulate a real visit to the museum. So once in a hall (as above), clicking on a panel opens the panel in a new window. If you want to look at just one or two items on the panel, click on an item and the item opens in a new window. Once you have finished looking at an item, close the window and you are back to the panel ready to look at a new item. If you want to look at all the items on a panel, click on the link to the first available item which will open it in a new window. At the bottom will be links allowing you to view all the items on the panel in turn. As before, closing the window will return you to the panel. Once you have finished looking at a panel, close the panel window and you are back here ready to select the next panel.

Panel 27 Young Chief's First Ride & Old Cluny's Sword Panel 28 Golden Wedding Epergne Panel 29 Royal Badenoch Visit 1847
Panel 30 Old Cluny and his Young Family Panel 31 Ewen Macpherson of Cluny/ 20th Chief Panel 32 Donald Macperson of Gaskmore &: Clan Chattan Gathering 1895
Panel 33 Old Cluny's Sons & Golden Wedding Testimonial Panel 34 John Brown's Plaid Panel 35 Queen Victoria and her Children
Panel 36 Victoriana Galore Panel 37L Highland Dress/Tartans Panel 37R Two Men of Cluny
Panel 38L Tartan Proscription Poster Panel 42 Historic Swords Panel 43 Blade Weaponry Galore
Panel 44 Relics of Old Cluny's Sons Panel 45 Cluny Castle Collection