Clan Macpherson Museum - Library

The Helen MacPherson Thompson Library

The goal of the Library Committee has been to provide Clan Members and other interested parties with a reference library reflecting past, present and future activities.

We are pleased to announce that the Library contents are now online and available for study in the Museum.

The contents include:

Access to the Library is available for:

The Library is to be used for reference only. Access to the Library is by appointment only and at the convenience of the Curator. Children must be supervised at all times and numbers limited.

When planning a trip to the Clan Macpherson Museum and desiring to use the Library, please contact the Curator in advance with a list of the books that you would like to peruse. The books will be ready for you at the time of your visit and space will be provided for your study. The books do not leave the Museum.

We hope that you will find the following lists helpful in planning your next visit.

View the list of books in the Library collection