Clan Macpherson Electronic Museum - North Hall

To view the contents of a specific panel, either 'click' on the number of that panel in the image above or the table below. This will display a photo of the panel with each panel item designated by a letter that corresponds to the short description of the item listed to the left. Clicking on the title will display an enlargemet of the item and a fuller description.

The links "drill down" to an item to try and emulate a real visit to the museum. So once in a hall (as above), clicking on a panel opens the panel in a new window. If you want to look at just one or two items on the panel, click on an item and the item opens in a new window. Once you have finished looking at an item, close the window and you are back to the panel ready to look at a new item. If you want to look at all the items on a panel, click on the link to the first available item which will open it in a new window. At the bottom will be links allowing you to view all the items on the panel in turn. As before, closing the window will return you to the panel. Once you have finished looking at a panel, close the panel window and you are back here ready to select the next panel.

Panel 38 The Diaspora Panel 39 In Service to their Nation Panel 40 Sir John Macpherson
East India Company
Panel 41 The Napoleonic Wars Panel 46 LtGen R B Macpherson Panel 47 Two Mapherson Soldiers
Panel 48 SurgGen Duncan Macpherson Panel 49 The Crimean War Panel 50 Two Military Reviews
Panel 51 Two Victoria Crosses Panel 52 The African Wars Panel 53 Macpherson Women of Note
Panel 54 LtCol Duncan Macpherson 21st Chief Panel 55 LtCol Ewen Henry
Macpherson, 22d Chief
Panel 56 The Crofters Fight Back
Panel 57 Three Macphersons in Service
Panel 58 Dr Cluny Macpherson Panel 58A Four Macphersons in Service
Panel 59 Macphersons in WW I Panel 60 Decorated Macphersons Panel 61 Albert Cameron Macpherson
23rd Chief
Panel 62 Modern Macpherson Chiefs Panel 63 Four Knighted Macphersons Panel 64 Sir Duncan J Macpherson
Panel 65 Camanachd (Shinty) Panel 66 John A Macpherson Australia Panel 67 Famous Macpherson Pipers
Panel 67L More Famous Pipers Panel 68 More Macpherson Relics Panel 69 MGen James Birdseye McPherson USA
Panel 70 Macphersons, an artist and a soldier Panel 71 Operation Jedburgh Panel 72 21st Century Macphersons of Note
Panel 73 Sir Tommy Macpherson Panel 74 Dave McPherson, Football Ace Panel 75 Rugby and Cricket Champions