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The Macpherson Electronic Museum (MEM) contains a wealth of information. The "tour" is arranged so you can view it in a logical sequence, but it involves viewing a large number of separate pages. If you are looking for information on a specific topic, however, it could take a long time to find. So, from here, you can search the database from which the MEM is derived.

To search for a word or phrase, enter it in the box below and click the search button. To search for multiple words or phrases, separate them with semi-colons. Searches are case-insensitive so "Macpherson" and "MacPherson" would be considered the same, however, "Macpherson" and "McPherson" are different so when searching on "Macpherson" include both spellings and separate with a semi-colon.

Don't be too specific in the search entry unless you are sure of the MEM entry. For instance, you might want to locate Francis Macpherson's Sporran and enter that in the search. The MEM entry, however, is "Francis Cameron Macpherson's Sporran" so the search would return no results. Enter "Macpherson's Sporran", however, and the record would be located (Panel 68). Even just entering "sporran" would only return 5 records to check for the correct one.

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