United States Branch News

Spring 2024

Greetings to all CMAUS members for the New Year!


Congratulations to new officers, commissioners, appointees and volunteers who were voted in at last Fall’s online Annual General Meeting. Reference the Officers page by selecting "The US Branch" and then "Officers" on the menu above or see the Winter 2023 edition of The Urlar.

Thanks to all returning officers, commissioners, appointees and volunteers who are continuing to do yeoman’s work in service to the organization and our members.

And thank you to the members who participated in the online AGM. The numbers reflect a participation rate about on par with an in-person gathering, so your dedication and involvement is appreciated.

Remember that you do not have to wait until the annual meetings to offer a suggestion, voice an opinion, or ask a question. Your Regional Commissioners are good sources of information and/or conduits to Council members who can help with just about any inquiry. They are eager to engage and help, year-round.


Coming out of the AGM and building upon work of past Councils in recent years, look for a few projects to be coming your way this year:

-A Convener’s Starter Kit to help members become a part of the festival fun.

-A Membership Survey to bring in more detailed feedback on how the Association may better serve you and increase engagement.

-A triumphant return to Dunedin, FL for our 2024 Gathering. Those who attended in 2019 recall all the fun festivities.

Plus all of the Scottish Games and Festivals in the time in between now and then. The calendar is undergoing an update to more accurately reflect dates and conveners. Please send in an update yourself if you know of changes in your region.


In addition to the website here, we hope everyone is staying abreast of happenings, events, history, “chatter” with the quarterly editions of our journal The Urlar. Now in FlipBook format with many more photos and other graphics plus the many, many pages of news. Consider writing your story or Scottish interests to share with your fellow members. Contact the editor, George McPherson, at .

Our website editor is Dave Muxo and he would enjoy receiving material for the web page. You can find him at .