2024 US AGM Registration

Oct 31-Nov 03, 2024, Dunedin, Florida

Welcome to our US AGM registration system. Your Credit Card transactions will be processed by PayPal®. This ensures that your credit card information is safe.

If you do not choose to register online, you may use the printable form to register by mail and include a check for the proper amount.

Online registration: Open the registration form by clicking the "Register" button below. Complete the required information and then click the "Submit My AGM Registration" button at the bottom of the form. If there is an error, the page will indicate which fields are amiss and you can make corrections.

Once all the information has been entered correctly, you will be taken to the Confirmation page. Please review the details of your registration to make sure that all information is correct including the proper quantities of meals, registrations, etc.

When you are sure that all the information and the number of attendees is correct, click the "Register" button at the bottom of the confirmation page.

You will be taken to PayPal's® secure site to complete payment for your AGM Registration. If you already have a PayPal® account, simply log in to PayPal® as you normally would. Otherwise, you will be taken to the PayPal setup form where you will enter your name, address and credit-card information. The amount you will see on the PayPal site is the Total of all your registrations and meal selections. (Don't be put off when you see the quantity "1" - You are indeed paying for all that you ordered.)

Once you have completed payment, you will be returned to the to the US AGM ticket page where you may click the "Welcome" menu item to return to the US Branch website or simply close the browser window/tab.

You will receive an e-mail message from PayPal shortly after completing payment. If this confirmation message does not arrive, please contact the and we will attempt to sort the problem as quickly as possible.

If, for some reason, the PayPal® purchase does not go through, you may retry the registration process. We do not log your registration information until we receive payment. If you experience problems with the registration process, please contact the and we will attempt to sort the problem as quickly as possible.

PayPal® only allows a limited amount of time to enter your credit card data so be sure that you have this information in front of you before clicking "Checkout with PayPal".

Ready? Click here to for the 2024 US AGM!

See you in Dunedin!