Lost Members

Members with whom we appear to have lost touch

It might be hard to believe but in the melée of moving home sometimes people forget to tell us their new address, and because we are not in weekly contact, they do not notice we have lost touch. In these cases, if the new occupier is caring they will 'Return to Sender' the communication, but many times this will not happen so we do not know they are not being read. Or the member changes from one e-mail hosting service to another without closing the original so we are not aware that no-one is reading the information we send. Below we list the names of people with whom we have lost touch (names only for personal data privacy reasons), if you know of one of these people, or of anyone else who, for reasons just given, we do not even know we have lost touch with, please ask them to get in touch. The e-mail address of the Branch membership contact is given, other contact details will be on the Branch pages accessible from this page.

England and Wales Branch


Mr A Smith
Ms S K McInally
Mrs MA MacPherson
Mr DA McPherson
Mr R Dickinson

Europe Branch


Ms KM McPherson
Mr P James

Scotland and Northern Ireland Branch


Ms LA Kent-McPherson