United States Branch

Calendar for May 2021

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Southwest Region

Apr 30 - May 1
Texas Scottish Festival and Highland Games
Wise County Fairgrounds, Decatur, TX
Conveners: Bruce & Kathy Sterba

Southeast Region

May 1
Savannah Scottish Games Cancelled
Bethesda Academy, Savannah, GA
Conveners: Needed

Northeast Region

May 15
Finger Lakes Celtic Festival Cancelled
Farmington (Rochester), NY
Convener: Graham & Debbie Gillespie

Rocky Mountain Region

May 15-16
Rio Grande Valley Celtic Festival Cancelled
Albuquerque, NM

Pacific Central Region

May 15-16
Reno Celtic Celebration Cancelled
Brantley Ranch Park, Reno, NV

Southeast Region

May 15-16
Smoky Mountain Highland Games
Maryville College, Maryville, TN
Convener: Mike & Abe McPherson

Pacific South Region

May 29-30
Orange County Fair and Event Center
Costa Mesa, CA

Midwest Region

May 29-30
Alma Highland Festival and Games Cancelled
Alma College, Alma, MI
Convener: Lorraine Murdoch

Southeast Region

May 29-30
Greeneville Scottish Games and Highland Festival Cancelled
Furman University, Greenville, SC
Convener: Debra Jones & Pamela Smith