United States Branch

Calendar for November 2021

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Pacific Central Region

November 5-7
Moab "Scots On The Rocks" Celtic Festival
Moab, UT
Convener: Ian Hughes

Pacific South Region

November 6-7
Tucson Celtic Festival and Scottish Highland Games
Rillito Raceway Park, Tucson, AZ

Southeast Region

November 6-7
Charleston Scottish Games
Boone Hall Plantation, Mt. Pleasant, SC

Southwest Region

November 12-14
Salado Clan Gathering& Highland Games
Civic Center, Salado, TX
Conveners: Bruce & Kathy Sterba

Southeast Region

November 20
Dunedin Celtic Music & Craft Beer Festival
Highland Park, Dunedin, FL
Convener: Laurel & Tim Christie

Southeast Region

November TBD
Sycamore Shoals Celtic Festival
Sycamore Shoals, TN
Conveners: TBD