United States Branch

Calendar for June 2021

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Pacific Central Region

June 3
Utah Scottish Festival Games Cancelled
State Fair Park, Salt Lake City, UT

Northeast Region

June 5
Alleghany County Celtic Festival
Cuba, NY
Conveners: Graham & Debby Gillespie

New England Region

June 12 (TBD)
Rhode Island Scottish Highland Festival Discontinued
Washington County Fairgrounds
Richmond, RI
Conveners: Angus MacPherson

Southeast Region

June 12-13
Blairsville Highland Games Cancelled
Meeks Park, Blairsville, GA
Conveners: Don & Dodie McPherson

Northeast Region

June 12
Day of Scotts
Fort Ticonderoga, New York
Conveners: Donald MacPherson, Gentile & Charles Alsdorf

Rocky Mountain Region

June 18-20
Pikes Peak Celtic Festival
Western Museum of Mininig & Ind.
Colorado Springs, CO
Convener: Needed

Pacific South Region

June 26-27
San Diego Scottish Highland Games
Brengle Terrace Park, Vista, CA
Convener: Needed

Pacific North Region

June 27
Tacoma Highland Games Cancelled
Frontier Park, Graham, WA
Convener: Needed

New England Region

June TBD
Round Hill Games
Cranberry Park, Norwalk, CT
Convener: Angus MacPherson

Central Region

June TBD
Bluff Celtic Gathering
Five Rocks Amphitheater, Gering, Nebraska