Locations Without a Local Branch

This page is for those people living in countries without their own Branch of the Clan Macpherson Association. We are a truly worldwide organisation with members in the following countries, as well as in those countries with Branches:

United Arab Emirates

Any eligible person living in a country without a local branch may join the CMA direct. If you live in one of the countries listed above, or if your country is not yet listed, please follow the instructions on this page. All African countries should contact the Africa Branch.

All members of the CMA have the same rights within the CMA whether members of a Branch or not. Applications may be made either through the post with payment by Sterling cheque, or via the on-line facility using a credit card.

New Member Application

For on-line payment, follow this link to the on-line application form. For a postal application, fill in the membership application form that can be downloaded from here and post to the Registrar, whose address is on the form.


The application is in PDF format in order to make it available for downloading by Apple, PC and Android users. If you do not have Acrobat Reader on your system it is available for download from the Adobe link on this page.

Membership renewal

After joining, Annual and Young Adult members must renew their membership each subsequent year, and Term Members at the end of their 10 year term. The Registrar will send out a reminder at the start of each membership (calendar) year together with a Bank Standing Order form. A Bank Standing Order is the most efficient way to keep your membership up-to-date as it means you don't have to remember and we don't have to remind you, and it also reduces our cost of administration. Alternatively you can send a cheque to the Registrar, or a third way to renew your membership is on-line using a Credit Card. Follow this link to renew on-line using using Credit Card.