Slide Shows

Since the introduction of the photo slide shows to the CMA Web Site they have proved very popular. Everyone loves to look at Macpherson photos! In order to manage the ever-increasing number on this site, we have created this page whereby visitors will be able to locate old or new slide shows without having to hunt through all the different pages. All general slide shows will be accessed through this page. Having multiple slide shows on a single page increases the time necessary to load into your browser; therefore the slideshows are in a pop-up format. In place of the embedded slide show there is a link, and clicking on the link will display the slide show in a pop-up window.

Depending on your browser settings, the pop-up may display in a separate browser tab or instance. Many browsers and security programmes have settings to block pop-up windows and this may affect your ability to view the slide show.

CMA Gathering Slide Shows

CMA Museum Slide Shows