Clan Macpherson Association 2020 Annual General Meeting - Summary

Cluny's closing address and summary of votes and questions

There follows a summary of this year's Clan Macpherson Association Annual General Meeting. Thank you to all who attended. The Minutes of the meeting will be published in Creag Dhubh 2021.

Cluny's closing address

We live in very strange times and this AGM has certainly been very different. I would like to express my appreciation to all the officers of the Association and the Branches for the work they do in keeping the Clan Macpherson Association running. Also my thanks to all of those who have taken the opportunity of attending this very 'different' AGM. My good wishes to all and I hope next year we will be meeting in person. Cluny.


There were 83 members attending: 1 Africa Branch, 4 Australia Branch, 4 Canada Branch, 6 England & Wales Branch, 4 Europe Branch, 1 New Zealand Branch, 20 Scotland & N. Ireland Branch, 42 United States Branch.


Minutes: Proposed by Shelagh Macpherson Noble, Seconded by Ed Smith, 82 for, 1 abstention, 0 dissent

Treasurer Report: Proposed by Ed Smith, Seconded by John L Macpherson, 82 for, 1 abstention, 0 dissent

Subscriptions: Proposed by Ewen SL MacPherson, Seconded by John L Macpherson, 83 for, 0 abstention, 0 dissent

Minor amendment to the Constitution: Proposed by Bonnie McPherson, Seconded by Derek Macpherson, 82 for, 1 abstention, 0 dissent

New by-law: Proposed by Ed Smith, Seconded by John L Macpherson, 83 for, 0 abstention, 0 dissent

Election of Office Bearers: Proposed by Sir William Macpherson, Seconded by John L Macpherson, 83 for, 0 abstention, 0 dissent

Questions posed and their answers

Question Pasiani Luigi, "I have bureaucracy queries that need to be enlightened: I never had the opportunity to read the CMA statute, where I can read it? I'd like to know what the CMA goals are? What are the Chairman duties/obligations? How do the members evaluate Chairman management? Thank you."
Response from the Chairman
The current Clan Macpherson Association constitution, including the objectives of the Association, is always available from this web site. From the main menu select 'Clan Association' then the 'Constitution' item. It was also in the 2019 issue of Creag Dhubh sent to all members to enable them to review the proposed new constitution. The Chairman is responsible for ensuring the good governance of the Association, chairing meetings of the Council and overseeing the organisation of the annual CMA Gathering in Badenoch. There is no formal evaluation procedure of the Chairman's performance. The Chairman is elected annually at the AGM as defined in the Constitution.

Question Katherine McPherson, "I am wondering why since 2018 the management expenses went from 240 to avg 1500. What changed & what encompasses management? Sorry if obvious, but reading this after long day. thank you, kindly"
Response from the Treasurer
'Management' encompasses most of the cost of running the Association: accountant fees, secretarial costs, website costs and incidentals. 2018 was unusually low because the accountant's fee was put into Accounts Payable rather than Management. This was the year of the change-over of Treasurers.