Macpherson Electronic Museum Index

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KioskMuseum Pictures of the Museum and Reference Library
1AAn Introduction to Our Story and Our Treasures
2AExplanation of a Clan, and the Origins of the Name Macpherson
3AAm Bratach Uaine - The Green Banner of the Clan Macpherson
4AJames Macpherson - Highland Freebooter & Fiddler
5AThe Banff Clock - Continues the Story of James Macpherson
6AExplains the Origins of the Clan Macpherson
7AThe Invasion of Badenoch - the Move from Lochaber by the Old Clan Chattan
8ADisintegration of the Old Clan Chattan. The Black Chanter
9AThe Castles of Ruthven. Chronology of the Castles of Ruthven
10AThe Religious Wars - Montrose, Charles II & Oliver Cromwell
11AStory of Two Brothers - Andrew (15th Chief) & Lachlan (16th Chief)
12AThe Jacobite Wars Begin. Stuart v Hanover. Killiecrankie, etc.
13AThe Jacobite Wars Continue. Risings of 1708, 1715 & 1719
14AHighland Way of Life. Cattle economy, Relations with other Clans.
15AThe Black Watch Mutiny 1743
16AFirst Steps of a Day's March to Ruin. Arrival of Prince Charles Edward Stuart
17A1745 - The March to Derby & Back. Clifton & Falkirk
18AFinal Steps to Ruin - The Road to Culloden
19ACluny of the '45 - Fugitive Servant of the Prince. In Hiding
20ACluny of the '45 - Refuge in France after Nine Years
21ACatherine Cameron - Portrait of the Wife of Duncan of the Kiln 19th Chief
22ADuncan of the Kiln 19th Chief. The Story
23ADuncan of the Kiln 19th Chief. Portrait
24ACaptain John Macpherson - The Black Officer. Portrait & Story
25AMargaret Macpherson of Breakachy - Portrait of a Lady in a Riding Habit
26AJames Macpherson of Ossian Fame. Portrait & Story
27AOld Cluny's Sword. Painting of the Young Chief's First Ride
28BThe Silver Epergne - Old Cluny & Sarah Justina's Golden Wedding Present
29BCluny Castle Chairs & Pictures of local Macpherson Castles & Buildings
30BPortraits in Pastel of Old Cluny, his Wife and two eldest Sons
31BLarge Portrait of Old Cluny - An Heroic Heredity
32B1895 Clan Chattan Gathering Photo & Menu. Picture of the Gaskmore Sword
33BPhoto of Old Cluny's sons in the Smoking Room. Illuminated Address
34BEtching of Queen Victoria at Loch Laggan. Blanket given to John Brown
35BEngraved Picture of Queen Victoria & her Children
36BMiscellaneous Items of the Victorian Period
37BTartan Display & Explanation
38AThe Diaspora - Explanation & Map with Interactive Facility
39AThe Diaspora with Pictures of Individuals who Served their Nation
40ASir John Macpherson of India - Portrait & Story
41BThe Napoleonic Wars
42BA Panoply of Swords - Mostly of the Jacobite Period.
43BWeaponry - Swords, Daggers & Knives.
44BMilitary Items relating to the three eldest Sons of Old Cluny
45BA Collection of Special items
46ALt. Gen. Robert Barclay Macpherson - Portrait
47ABios of Lt. Gen. Robert Barclay & Surgeon General Duncan Macpherson
48ASurgeon General Duncan Macpherson - Portrait
49ACrimean War - Display
50AThe Wet Review - Etchings
51ATwo Victoria Crosses - The Relief of Lucknow - Display
52AAfrican Wars - Display
53AMacpherson Women of Note. 19th & 20th Century Women
54ADuncan Macpherson of Cluny, 21st Chief. Portrait & Bio
55AEwen Henry Davidson Macpherson, 22nd Chief. Portrait & Bio
56AThe Crofters of Skye Fight Back
57ADr. Charles Macpherson of St. Paul's Cathedral. WWI Pictures
58APortrait of Dr. Cluny Macpherson - Inventor of the first workable Gas Mask
59AWWI Display. An Individual, A Family & A Regimental Roll
60ADisplay of Medals awarded to Macphersons over the Years
61AAlbert Cameron Macpherson, 23rd Chief. Portrait & Biography
62AEwan George 24th, Francis Cameron 25th & William Alan 26th Chief
63AThree Knights of the Realm - Pictures and Biographies
64ASir Duncan James Macpherson - Picture & Biography
65AVarious Items of Clan Macpherson Interest
66AJohn Alexander Macpherson - Premier & Chief Secretary of State of Victoria
67AFamous Macpherson Pipers - Display
68AVarious Items of Clan Macpherson Interest
69AMajor General James Birdseye McPherson - U.S. Army. Display
70AMrs Allan Macpherson of Blairgowrie - Née Emma Blake. Display
71ADouglas Macpherson - Artist at the Opening of the King Tutankhamen Tomb
72A21st Century Macphersons. Display on Men & Women of Today
73AShinty Display
74AMacphersons in Sport
75AMacphersons in Sport Continued
76APiping Display Continued from Panel 67
77DClan Macpherson Association - Leadership
78DClan Macpherson Association - Leadership Continued
79DClan Macpherson Association - Clan Gathering Celebrations
80DClan Macpherson Association - Clan Gathering Pictures over the Years
81DMuseum Mission Statement & Museum Registration Certificate
82DMuseum Curator's Office Area
83EThe Happy Hawkers - Ian & Elizabeth Macpherson. Display
84AEThe Clan Macpherson Museum Over the Years - Photographs
84BEOfficial Opening of the Museum in 1952 - Photographs
84CEOpening of the 1st Museum Extension 1970 - Photographs
84DEOpening of the 2nd Museum Extension 1985 - Photographs
84EEThe 2K2 Project of 2001-2002
84FEGlimpses of the First CMAa3 Clan Gathering 1947
85EItems from Cluny Castle, Elsewhere & Selected Books
86REFlintlock Pistol on Loan from the Museum Victoria, Australia
86LEEarle S. MacPherson - Inventor of MacPherson's Strut. Display with Strut
87EItems from Cluny Castle and Elsewhere
88EIlluminated Addresses Presented to Old Cluny & Sarah Justina - Continued
89EIlluminated Addresses Presented to Old Cluny & Sarah Justina in 1882
90EOrdnance Survey Map of Badenoch Area and Places of Interest
91ECurators Panel - Photographs of Former Curators
92ENa Dìonadairean Clann Mhuirich - The Guardians of Clan Macpherson Display
93ELord Tom Macpherson - Display
94ESpecial Exhibits
95ESpecial Exhibits
96ESpecial Exhibits
97ESpecial Exhibits
98ESpecial Exhibits
99ESpecial Exhibits
H01CPast Chairmen of the Clan Macpherson Association
H02CHeraldry Explained
H03CArmorial Shields & Armigers. Display of the Shields and list of the Armigers
H04CVarious Clan Macpherson Crest Badges
H05CHeraldic Book Plates by R. Gordon M. Macpherson of Canada
H06CPortrait of Charles Macpherson of Blairgowrie - Grandfather of present Chief
H07CGenealogical Chart of the Chiefs of Clan Macpherson by Allan Macpherson
H08CVarious Macpherson Heraldic Arms